VEANAVITE ElectroGuard

  • Veanavite® Electroguard is used to treat nutritional scours. It contains a blend of electrolytes and carbohydrates critical to maintaining the osmotic balance of the calf. It also contains a gel forming agent which coats the lining of the intestine, improving mineral and carbohydrate absorption, slowing the passage of the digested material and helping to minimise the risk and severity of scours.
  • Veanavite® Electroguard can also be given to increase fluid intake when dehydration is a concern; or as a preventative treatment prior to introducing calves to the rearing facility.
  • Veanavite® Electroguard is mixed with warm water (40°C) at the rate of 60 g into 1.5 litres and administered if loose faeces are apparent.


10kg Pails
20kg pails


“We have been using Veanavite® Calf Pellets for six or seven years now. Our calves are by some of the world’s best bulls and need a great start in life so we can develop them to the best of their potential. They have done extremely well on the Veanavite® pellets... in fact they’re thriving.”

Robyn White,Dairy Farmer and Holstein Stud Breeder, Finley, NSW


Based on the sound scientific principles of enhancing natural rumen development, whilst ensuring healthy growth of the calf, the Veanavite® Rearing System has assisted Australian Farmers to rear quality calves for over three decades.Calf rearing guide.


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