Veanavite Farmyard is a premium quality milk replacer formulated to provide balanced nutrition for a variety of young farm animals. It's suitable for calves, foals, lambs, goat kids, alpaca cria and piglets and as a supplement to the diet of puppies and adult dogs.


  • Blend of spray dried milk powders provides a rich source of protein and energy fortified with essential vitamins and minerals and antioxidants
  • Added Fibosel® contains exposed and activated beta-glucans to assist natural self defence
  • Includes Protexin® multi-strain probiotic to balance the digestive system, while improving feed conversion and weight gain




20kg bags


All newborn farm animals that are removed or orphaned on the first day of life need to receive an adequate intake of colostrum prior to receiving a milk replacer. Preferably, provide a minimum of three to four feeds of colostrum over 24 hours and then commence feeding Veanavite Farmyard. Allow access to clean, fresh drinking water at all times. A suitable grain based supplement and hay/straw should be made available to calves, lambs, goat kids and foals during the milk feeding phase. Provide clean, dry and well ventilated draught-free housing. Click here for recommended feeding rates.


Protein: 26.0%
Fat: 22.0%


Store in a cool, dry, rodent free area. For maximum freshness we recommend that Veanavite Milk Replacers should be used within 12 months of the date of manufacture. Store any unused portions in a clean, rodent proof, airtight container.


“We have been using Veanavite® Calf Pellets for six or seven years now. Our calves are by some of the world’s best bulls and need a great start in life so we can develop them to the best of their potential. They have done extremely well on the Veanavite® pellets... in fact they’re thriving.”

Robyn White,Dairy Farmer and Holstein Stud Breeder, Finley, NSW


The Veanavite® lamb and
kid goat rearing system has been refined to include all aspects of successful lamb rearing, including nutrition, health and management and incorporates the Veanavite® lamb product range developed exclusively for lambs. Lamb and Kid Goat rearing guide.


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