Calf Feed

The Veanavite® Program recognises that there are different nutritional requirements in a calf’s journey from birth to first calving. Maximising a calf’s potential at each of these stages goes a long way to producing a highly productive cow.

Well developed healthy calves and heifers set the foundations for a productive milking herd. Getting nutrition right, right from the start reaps rewards from a smooth first calving to producing a cow with a very fertile and productive life. Setting the best foundations is all about optimising the development at each level of a calf’s growth curve and then main¬taining the heifer’s growth rate until that first calf.

Optimilk® Pre-calving has also been added (the of the program) because the development of a strong healthy calf begins before they are born. Optimilk® Pre-calving is a special low DCAD diet, high in energy, protein and starch that is fed 21 days prior to calving to prepare and support the cow and the foetus.

A pre-calving diet is designed to prepare a cow for calving and subsequent lactation and joining but it also has the benefit of ensuring the production of high quality colostrum and a smooth calving which means the calf is unharmed and ready to thrive.