About Us

The original Veanavite® Rearing System for calves was developed in the 1970's in conjunction with researchers at Sydney University. Based on the sound scientific principles of enhancing natural rumen development, whilst ensuring healthy growth of the calf, the Veanavite® Rearing System has assisted Australian Farmers to rear quality calves for over three decades.

The Veanavite® range of pelleted feeds and milk replacers are suitable for a wide range of livestock, including Calves, Foals, Lambs, Kid Goats, Piglets and more. Practical advice on aspects essential to the successful rearing of young livestock, including nutrition, housing, health and management is all part of the Veanavite® philosophy.

The Veanavite® brand is wholly owned by Rivalea (Australia) Pty Ltd, one of Australia's leading Agricultural Producers. Rivalea operates large scale piggeries and farming operations in Victoria and Southern NSW. Supported by one of Australia's largest and most efficient stockfeed milling enterprises, Rivalea is well known in South Eastern Australia for its high quality ranges of Dairy, Beef, Sheep and Poultry feeds.

Rivalea's teams of Animal Nutritionists, Veterinarians and animal husbandry experts also operate one of the largest Animal Research sites in the country. As a result you can rely on Veanavite® for premium quality, innovative, market leading products. Products that aim to address the key issues facing hand reared or orphaned farm animals: nutrition, growth and performance, pathogen challenge and immunity.

Veanavite – The foundation for a lifetime of performance