Veanavite Guardian is a premium quality milk replacer with a lower lactose level than calf milk replacers. It is formulated to provide optimal nutrition for young lambs and kid goats. A quality blend of spray dried milk powders provide a rich source of protein and energy in a blend fortified with vitamins, highly available organic trace minerals and antioxidants. Veanavite Guardian also has an added Multi-strain Probiotic and Fibosel® B-glucans to boost natural self defence.

  • Blend of spray dried milk powders provides a rich source of protein and energy
  • Added Fibosel® contains exposed and activated beta-glucans to assist natural self defence
  • Fortified with 23 essential vitamins and minerals as well as antioxidants for optimal health and wellbeing
  • Includes Protexin® multi-strain probiotic to balance the digestive system, while improving feed conversion and weight gain

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10kg bags


Store in a cool, dry, rodent free area. For maximum freshness we recommend that Veanavite Milk Replacers should be used within 12 months of the date of manufacture. Store any unused portions in a clean, rodent proof, airtight container.


Provide adequate colostrum - feed the lamb or goat kid with at least one 50ml feed of colostrum within 6-8 hours of birth or preferable, three feeds of 100ml each of colostrum over 18 hours. Cow colostrum is a suitable alternative if ewe or doe colostrum is not available.

Add 200 grams of Veanavite Guardian Lamb and Kid Milk Replacer to 850mL of fresh, warm water (37deg C). This will make up approx 1 litre of Milk Replacer. (Multiply out for larger volumes.) Mix thoroughly with a whisk until dissolved. Refer to the label for more information.

Nutrient Delivers/kg DM
Protein 26.0%
Fat 24%