Optimilk Pre-Calving Pellets

Optimilk Pre-Calving pellets are specifically formulated to prepare cows for a successful calving and smooth transition to lactation. They contain anionic salts to encourage calcium availability at calving, therefore reducing the incidence of milk fever and associated metabolic disorders. They also provide the energy density and protein quality that is required just prior to calving, along with an ionophore to promote feed conversion efficiency and flavour enhancers to improve palatability.

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20kg bags, 800kg bulka bags & bulk


Product should be stored in cool, dry place protected from sunlight below 30˚C.


Feed 3kg/cow/day for a period of 21 days prior to calving with unrestricted access to a low potassium hay source. Restrict pasture intake as much as possible during this time.

This product contains high levels of major trace vitamins and minerals which are essential to maintaining health in late pregnancy and setting the cow up for a successful lactation.


This product contains Rumensin® (monensin sodium). Do not allow dogs, horses or other equines access to this product. This product may be fatal if fed to dogs, horses or other equines.

Nutrient Delivers/kg DM
Metabolisable Energy 11.7MJ/Kg
Crude Protein 19.0%
Monensin Sodium 90mg
DCAD -1,270meq